Why Attend 21CTIC

Why You Should Attend 21CTIC!

The 21st Century Teachers' International Conference dives into the effective use of technology to drive teaching and learning. Educators learn 21st Century skills critically required by 21st Century Schools for modern learning. There are learning challenges within and outside the confines of the classroom that educators face daily and providing time for a meet such as this helps them collaborate with other educators on a local, state, national and International levels to create actionable solutions.

During this hands-on collaborative experience across states in Nigeria and Africa, educators learn core 21st Century Skills that quickly and effectively improve learning outcomes. Educators are sure to discover new and innovative tools that turn learning challenges into new discoveries and experiences for both the learners and the educators. The conference also empowers school systems to design impactful next steps to accelerate change and leverage technology to improve learning. 

Overall, attendees are certified based on any of the three sessions they attend:

   a. As Microsoft Innovative Educator and also inducted into the MIE Hall of Fame and Microsoft Community.

   b. As Google Digital Educator and 

   c. As ICEDT CBL Educator


When you attend, you’ll get:

  • > The latest 21st Century Skills required to teach in more innovative ways, inspire learner's use of technology for learning, execute and measure a school system alignment for learning with technology.
  • > The opportunity to learn from and network with other educators and leaders at the local, state, national and international levels who are leveraging the power of technology for systemic change in their various schools.
  • > Timely and applicable resources to help you take your teaching and learning to the next level with education technology.
  • > Globally recognized Certification from Microsoft Education, Google for Education and ICEDT - the International Community for Education Technology for supporting learning with technology.
  • > Printed or digital copies of the conference materials.
  • > All time induction into the Microsoft, Google and ICEDT Educator Communities.
  • > Regular training updates and freebies.


Is the 21st Century Teachers' Conference right for you?

21st Century Teachers' International Conference equips educators with core modern teaching and learning skills required for 21st Century schooling. Educators and School leaders meet and collaborate on how to bring better learning experiences to the classroom while providing innovative actionable solutions to emerging learning challenges.

All content is designed specifically for educators! If you work for a school school, department of education or a government agency with the following job titles, this conference is for you:

  • > Teachers
  • > Lecturers
  • > School Heads
  • > School Boards
  • > School Owners
  • > Department heads
  • > High School Students
  • > School Administrators
  • > Education Consultants
  • > Government Education Agencies


Who’s attending?

Schools, Agencies, Consultants and Higher Institutions from around the states in Nigeria and Africa are sending educators to learn, network and think big at the 21CTIC!


How Many Sessions?

21CTIC conferences now have 3 sessions held over 2 Days:

A. Microsoft Session (for MIEs)

B. Google Session (for GDEs)

C. ICEDT Session (for CBLEs)