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Important Notes:

  • > Submitting presentation is ONLY applicable to Annual School Leaders Summit.
  • > Some presenters may be asked to present twice during the Summit.
  • > Team presentations are allowed with team members sharing the presentation charges.
  • > Presentations are between 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. Sponsorship presentations are 15 minutes for spotlight sessions.
  • > If there are many good presentation proposals that appear to be overlapping closely in content, conference organizers may convert multiple presentations into a one panel. As we are accepting presentations on a rolling basis this may happen sometime after being accepted.
  • > There are limited spots for new presentations. Please feel free to submit presentations and we will accept new ones on a rolling basis or if other presenters withdraw.

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Is your presentation a one hour workshop which has some interactive element, or do you have a message to give and/or tools and strategies to share in a shorter session? In some occasions we may write back and ask if your session could be modified to 30m or extended to an hour depending on the content/topic.

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Conference presentations and workshops tie into one or more of the conference theme areas. Please only choose if the presentation really fits the theme area.

(Optional, but encouraged) Please submit a link to a video. This video could be
a) A video that highlights your presentation ability. This could be a video of you teaching unrelated to the topic you are proposing.
b) A video "trailer" for the session you plan to run. The trailer would highlight what attendees will take away in the hour you have them. Trailer should be 1m or less We suggest using an "unlisted" YouTube video if you don't want the video to be public.
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