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21 Century African School Leaders Summit

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School Leaders Summit

An Annual Event designed exclusively for those leading education systems or responsible for leading education transformation in the digital age.

Coding Training for Schools

Google Coding for Schools, a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities.

Corporate Tech Training

We provide corporate training for organizations on 21st Century technologies and application for workplace effectiveness and productivity.

EduTech Advocacy & Policy Summit

This Summit focuses on the critical role of technology in transforming education. The main aim will be to help shape decision makers' opinions and policies about the future of E-education, EduTech appropriations and bridging the gaps.

Programming Contest for Students

As a community partner of Micro:bit 'Do Your :Bit' UK and eduLAB, Poland Official Africa Partner on Pix programming Challenge for Schools, we organize contests for students to participate in Micro:bit 'Do Your :Bit' Challenge in London and Pix Programming contest held annually.

Teachers EduTech Conferences

World class Conferences and training of Educators across Nigeria and Africa on 21st Century application of technology in Education with special focus on global students involvement through collaborative connection based learning.

PCs, Tablets & All-In-One Windows Devices

Inspire brilliance with a stunning HD display and powerful 10th Gen Intel Core i3,5,7 processor Windows PCs, Tablets and All-In-One Devices.

Cloud Services

Deployment of Microsoft 365 Cloud Services for Schools and corporate organizations. With cloud based tools such as Microsoft 365 - Teams, Outlook, OneNote, Forms, Sway, Onedrive, etc, we all can achieve more.

Robotics Training for schools

Micro:bit Coding and Robotics for Schools, helping pupils and students bring their ideas to life while expressing their creativity and problem solving skills using a Micro:bit device and the online block-based editor to practice coding and robotics in real time.

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